Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

What is a Womanizer? A womanizer is someone who has multiple sexual encounters or relationships with more than one woman on a regular basis. Womanizers may pose as wanting a monogamous relationship but lie to their partner about who they’re seeing on the side. 

Sometimes, womanizers will lead women on, allowing them to think that they want something serious or are in love with them. In reality, the womanizer simply wants as many women as possible, whether for sex or just attention

1. He calls you another girl’s name. He hardly calls you by your name because he has too many girls to keep track of their names. To minimize gaffes, he’d rather address you as sweetie all the time.
2. He doesn’t introduce you publicly. You don’t know his family and friends. And you are not on his social media platforms. He doesn’t know who to post on FB or Instagram as the girlfriend.

3. He flirts all the time, compliments every woman, and makes excessive sexy jokes.
4. He’s very touchy. He stares at women unreasonably and easily gets physical with women.

5. He’s obsessed with his physical appearance like a woman, and he has no real male friend.
6. He guards his phone like a hawk. He keeps his cellphone locked just in case you touch it when he’s in the bathroom. And he gets hysterical if you touch his phone.

7. He goes mute over distance. He doesn’t keep in touch when away, but he talks his way out of anything.
8. He is suspicious of you. He doesn’t trust any woman. He tracks your whereabouts, and he never goes to the same venue. He doesn’t want you to master his movements.

9. He has a lot of exes. And many female friends whom he tells you, “She’s just a friend.”
10. He is a big liar. He talks big but never fulfills his promises. He is full of excuses and he’s more distant towards you when there are other women around.

Credit: DR. K. N. JACOB

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