Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

39 Krobea Asante Technical and Vocational Institute students have been sentenced to one week in juvenile detention on charges that they participated in the campus disturbances on Sunday.

This is done to give police more time to look into the students’ vandalism.

Counsel for the minors and young criminals requested bail, but the court, presided over by His Worship Samuel Buaben Quansah, denied their plea.

Two buses, one from Asokore Ahmadiyya SHS and the other from Effiduase SHS, carried the pupils.

Of the 39 people in court, 27 are minors and the other two are youthful offenders.

They were silent and composed the entire time they were in the bus, which was guarded by police.

Just as they were being taken into custody, the students entered the court, several of them barefoot.

The defendants have been accused of conspiring to steal, break into buildings without permission, and cause damage.

Police are seeking other individuals, according to ACP Kofi Blagodzie, head of legal and prosecution at Ashanti Regional Police Command.

He said, “We can’t say how many, but we’re after them.

According to the information sheet, on Sunday after midnight, police received a distress call.

Despite police warning shots, the students threw stones at the officers when they were seen by them.

The cops needed help to stabilize the situation.

Despite the campus’s loss of electricity, the authorities were able to detain 39 of the students.

The three student attorneys mounted a resolute defense on behalf of their clients, maintaining that the majority of them are innocent of the allegations.

Some of the kids, according to them, were detained while lying in bed.

A legal representation is Daniel Kwame Boateng.

“When a situation of public interest arises, the police launch a swoop, and anyone falls into their net will be subject to additional investigation, which is exactly what has happened.”

The court asked that the students be placed in juvenile detention because it felt that the students’ release on bond was premature.

Lead Counsel for the accused Kwabena Gyamfi stated, “It is too early to review the merits of the case, and we can’t delve into the content of whatever is going on here, but we will guarantee that the police follow the orders of the court.”

Six automobiles and other school property were vandalized as a result of the violent protest over the low exam results.



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