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Peter Drury is a football commentator, formerly with ITV Sport as their number two football commentator, a role he had held from 1998 to 2013. Currently, Drury works for Premier League Productions, BT Sport (UK), and Amazon Prime Video for its English Premier League and FA Cup coverage, as well as for BT Sport (UK) and CBS Sports (USA) on their UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League coverage.

He is a legend in this field.

Excerpts from his commentary on Liverpool vs Manchester United

🗣️: If you ever feel useless, remember Man Utd players train every day only to play like this.
🗣️: For Liverpool, it is the case of when is the next goal, for Manchester United, it’s the case of playing the next 5 minutes”
🗣️: Glory days are old, Trophies are old, Best players are old, The Coach is old….. It’s Old Trafford.
🗣️: Aaron Wan-Bissaka doesn’t Play right back, he plays Wrong back.
🗣️: I’m not gonna lie, Manchester United’s gengen pressing is very depressing.
🗣️: After watching Reece James, you can clearly see Wan Bissaka is still in 2021 because he can’t cross.
🗣️: If Rangnick really taught Klopp and Tuchel how to coach then clearly both weren’t looking on the board.
🗣️: Manchester united is the most consistent team, with one win in August, one win in September, one win in October, one win in November, and one win in December. It’s just like a menstrual cycle! If they don’t win in January know that they are pregnant.
🗣️: I’m not gonna lie. We all can see Manchester United has moved on from playing a pressing football to playing a depressing one.
🗣️ “ Manchester United thought they had the goat, but that’s the Wolves’ favorite meal …


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