Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

Mohammed Ismail Sherif (born 9 January 2002) known professionally as Black Sherif and recently noted worldwide for the remix to his popular song “Second Sermon Remix”; in which he featured the Nigerian Grammy Award Winner Burna Boy has recently been tagged as ungrateful.

Allegations & Other Statements

According to one DJ Slim, Black Sherif vacated the mansion without the notice of the assumed manager notice. further stating that Black Sherif was supposed to be with the manager for 5 (five) years but has canceled their deal on his own and joined another label named the Empire Record Label and dumped the manager after his vast investment on his career.

Blacko Mother has then come out to defend his son and spoken on the allegations by the radio broadcaster claiming them as false and truth as people just want to bring down his son as their jealous of his success.

Other industry players like Mr. Logic is calling for the boycotting of the boys songs on all media platforms in the country to show a sign of support to the embattled manager.

Clearing the air on allegations

In a rather bizarre turn of events, another gentleman known as Madona; has diffused this allegation made by DJ Slim stating emphatically that he Madona has always been the manager of Black Sherif.

In an interview with Prince “Da Don” Tsegah on “U Say Weytin” on Hitz FM; Madonna cleared the air on the position Snap assumed in Black Sherif’s team and the role he played in the same establishment.

In his response, Madona averred that the rapper had not abandoned his management as peddled about in the media.

“Da Don, if you know me very well… and you listen to Black Sherif very well, you would know. The media knows. Ghana knows how Black Sherif shot to fame; every media house that has spoken to me; every business deal goes through me. I am the one who always answers the call. Snap was a financier. His job was to bring in the money for us to do the job. However, he came in after Second Sermon. In fact, we were already doing the job before he came” he said.

Blacko though is yet to respond to all these claims.

New Collaboration

In the meantime; his collaboration entitled “Always” with Darkoo a Ghanaian-UK-based artiste is finally out and has recorded 455,000 views on YouTube in just a short time.

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