Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Jamila Jakalia, a Principal State Attorney at the attorney general’s Office and Minister of Justice, has charged universities with taking a technologically revolutionary approach to meeting society’s economic and social needs.

She stated that universities must focus on quality education, which should lead to each individual’s comprehensive technological development.

“Students must be ready to learn and effectively use the acquired knowledge and skill wherever they find themselves to help transform the current economic situation we find ourselves in as a country,” Ms. Jakalia said at the West End University College’s eighth congregation and 11th matriculation ceremony in Accra.

A total of 333 students graduated, including 115 males and 218 females, while 418 new students were formally admitted, including 139 males and 279 females.

Students and faculty who excelled in various fields were recognized.

Ms. Jakalia stated that the fourth industrial revolution presented new challenges to society and the economy and that the demands of the digital economy had created a gap between business human resource needs and educational system capabilities.

The knowledge and competence of modern employees require modification and “on the basis of that, universities must establish technology-oriented programs that will help fill the identified gaps.
Human interactions have dominated our workplaces when we look at our institutions.

“For example, a task that requires one person to complete is frequently completed by more than three people, and one may wonder if this reflects in productivity.

This frequently leads to bureaucracy, corruption, and a lax attitude toward work, all of which contribute to the economy’s demise.

“Taxes are evaded, and corrupt practices continue because we lack proper technological systems to help check these leakages,” she explained.

Joe Mensah Agyekum, the WEUC’s Founder and Chancellor, challenged the graduates to create their own jobs.

He claimed that the university had provided them with the necessary knowledge to start their own businesses.

“My advice to you is that there are no jobs, so you must create something with the knowledge you’ve gained in this institution,” he said emphatically.

Prof. Ben Oduro, Rector of the WEUC, stated that the institution was exploring new educational models based on future developments and demand, as well as numerous partnership options for growth.

Furthermore, she stated that the institution was developing new programs for its faculties, including graduate programs, as well as continuing to explore emerging technologies.

Prof. S.O. Apori, acting Chairman of the University Council, stated that the WEUC’s strategic plan aimed at obtaining a Presidential Charter as well as addressing the university college’s long-term development as it responded to political, legal, and economic changes in the medium-term nationally and globally.

Source: Graphic Online


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