Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Dr Blaise Ackom has warned young people against having oral s*x.

He claims that it is impossible to tell when men and women are exposed to the HPV Virus, which can be harmful to them.

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“We don’t believe in oral s*x because you never know who is infected with the HPV virus.
When you put your mouth inside, you pick up the virus.

It remains on the throat and can cause cells along the line of the oral cavity or your throat to begin…

Oral sex is bad,” he said on TV3.

Dr. Blaise Ackom noted that the “HPV virus is mostly transmitted through the semen and so sometimes you may see a woman giving a blowjob and the man reaching orgasm and then she swallows the semen.
So any type of bacteria or virus is easier to obtain”.


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