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Royal, 23, was taking pictures with the officer outside a bar when he was approached by a criminal who pulled out a revolver and demanded his possessions.

The cop chased after the offender and exchanged gunfire with him, according to police, but the footballer fled unscathed.

Royal commented on Instagram, “I shall be forever grateful to you.”

“Every day of my life, I am reminded that God sends angels to Earth.
This human being, whom I refer to as an angel, put his own life on the line to rescue mine “Added the Brazilian right-back.

His Instagram account featured a snapshot of him with the police taken seconds before the attack in Americana, a city north of So Paulo.

According to local media, the man fired 29 shots at the police before being shot in the back.

The assailant was later transported to the hospital, according to police, and his life was not in danger, according to local media.

Royal, who made 41 appearances for the north London club last season, is presently on holiday in his own country and has been partying at the New Trips nightclub with his family and friends.

He was assassinated shortly after leaving the club, around 03:00 local time.

The star’s father, Emerson Zulu, told the Globo Esporte daily, “I was rejoicing and on the way out, this whole situation happened, which was extremely bad.”
“This is a terrifying scene.
That is something I would never want on anyone.”

The “thief requested [Royal] for his watch and other personal objects,” according to Emerson Zulu, his son’s agent.

Spurs signed the Brazil international in August for £25.8 million from Spanish giants Barcelona.

Brazil has a high rate of gun violence, with over 40,000 people killed by guns in 2020.

Source: BBC Sports


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