Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

According to Sky Sports, The English Football Association has undertaken private talks with UEFA and FIFA, pressing them to exclude Russia from the 2022 men’s World Cup and women’s Euros Competitions.

On Monday, the English, Scottish, and Welsh Football Associations announced officially that they will refuse to play matches against Russia at any level of the game, regardless of whether they play under a different name.

Russia will play matches under the moniker “Football Union of Russia” for the time being, according to FIFA, and will not be allowed to display its flag or perform the Russian national anthem.

The following were announced following a meeting of the FIFA Council:

· Russia cannot play any FIFA matches in Russia

· Russia cannot call itself Russia and will be called ‘Football Union of Russia’

· No flag or anthem of Russia will be used in matches where teams from the Football Union of Russia participate

· Next step is to ban Russia from competitions “should the situation not be improving rapidly”

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