Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

As we all know, marriage is the union of two people, male and female. It happens when both parties have feelings and affection for each other. It is said that marriage comes from God, therefore, it brings about many blessings and joy to the couple. As a result, most people enjoy the ceremonies leading to its accomplishment. Therefore, women or ladies have bridal showers with their close relations.

Many a time, it is done to surprise the, to be wife. It involves cutting cakes, popping champagnes, eating, singing, dancing, photo shooting, having lots of fun, and then enjoying the last days of one’s bachelorship before the main marriage ceremonies. This serves as showing love and care to the wife to be and also to make them happy.

Recently, some men or guys have been seen doing the same and this has raised lots of controversies all over. The husband-to-be is seen with his friends doing similar things as the bride. Most people think this is not right on the male’s side, others think it is alright if males too do the same.

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