Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Ernest Opoku, a pioneer of Gospel Music in Kumasi and songwriter, has condemned fellow Gospel musicians who organize events and take gate proceeds, saying it is completely wrong and unjust.

“It is wrong for you to make money before people can enjoy your program”, Ernest Owusu told Hello FM in an interview.

Taking money from people before they attend your events, according to the musician, prevents those who truly need God’s favor from receiving their miracle.

Ernest Opoku also revealed that he has never charged people who attend his concerts throughout his career.

“I don’t organize a program and take gate fees. It‘s wrong to charge people before they come to your show. It is not right to claim you are doing the work of God and charge people before you perform”, Ernest Owusu stated.

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According to him, gospel musicians must allow people to attend their shows so that, after receiving their miracles from God, the individual can devote some time wholeheartedly.

When asked why Gospel musicians charged event organizers before performing, Ernest Opoku categorically stated that because the event organizer is making a profit and has already collected a gate fee, musicians must also charge.


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