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Ghanaian musician, Keeny Ice is currently on the road talking about his ‘Sound check’ Ep released barely two (2) months ago. The media journey has already taken him to Kessben 92.9 Fm, Ahotor 92.3 Fm, Original 91.9Fm, Neat 100.9 Fm, Kasapa 102.5 Fm, Boomplay office, Starr 103.5 Fm, Hitz 103.9 Fm, Okay 101.7 Fm and still counting.

He started the journey last two weeks from his home region of Volta where he had extensive conversations on Swiss 93.7Fm, West 97.5FM, Ho 92.5 Fm, and Sand city 88.9Fm in Keta. In all these conversations Keeny Ice touched base with the fact that his kind of music is getting a solid acceptance with an increasing number of fans across the country.

In his conversation with Ola Michael on Neat 100.9Fm, Keeny Ice emphasizes the fact that Ewe is not only spoken in the Volta region but also in Togo, Benin, Nigeria, and some parts of Germany beside it’s been the third most widely spoken language in Ghana so there’s the need to encourage people to learn how to speak. He also added that Non-ewe speaking people enjoy his music because he’s been able to blend it with English, Pidgin, and more.

On the ‘Sound checK’ Ep, he told Sammy Forson on Hitz 10.9 FM  it is his contribution to reviving the world after what Covid-19 has done in the past few years. “I don’t want to give my audience hardcore rap when they are thinking of how to afford their next square meal” indicating why the soft rap and 70% melodies in songs like, ‘My way’, ‘Keeper’, ‘Déjà vu’ featuring Keeny Ice and ‘Conquer the world.

Watch Highlights of the ‘Sound check’ media tour here

On ‘Conquer the world’ Keeny Ice highlighted how stressful the production process was and how it ended up being a masterpiece. He also told Abeiku Santana that the team is currently working around the clock to get the Ghana Football Association to use the song as the official cheer song for the Ghana Black Stars at this year’s FIFA world cup in Qatar. Listen to CONQUER THE WORLD –

After wrapping up his media interaction and networking in Accra in a few weeks, Keeny Ice will wrap it up with “HangOut with Keeny Ice” at BayView Village located at Atomic Junction in Accra Ghana to interact with his fans, industry fellows, and more. He’s also expected to take the media tour to other regions across the country and beyond

Follow the link to listen to ‘Soundcheck Ep’ by Keeny Ice –

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