Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Appiah Darkwah, better known as Appietus, a popular sound engineer, claims that after several years of producing beats for musicians, Daddy Lumba was the first to pay him a large sum of money.

He claims that when he first started out in his career, his main focus was on selling himself to the world and demonstrating his natural abilities.

Appietus told Kumasi-based Pure FM that Daddy Lumba blessed the work of his hands with large sums of money for a project they worked on together, giving him an idea of how lucrative the industry could be.

“Daddy Lumba was the first artist to invest significantly in my career. He came into the studio and we talked; after that, he went outside and returned with a jute, claiming to have brought me drinks.

I carried the bag home without looking inside. My wife then asked if I was going to send the money to the bank the next day, which confused me.
Then she informed me that the bag I had brought was full of cash.
“When we first started, it wasn’t about the money, it was about the talent,” he explained.



By Playhaus

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