Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

The prosecution has concluded its evidence in the alleged murder of Major Maxwell Adam Mahama of the 5th Infantry Battalion, Burma Camp, Accra, by 14 people.

The Prosecution has given all of its evidence against the accused defendants to the Court, urging the Court to declare them guilty of deliberately killing the military officer by closing its case.

Fourteen (14) witnesses testified for the prosecution and were cross-examined by lawyers representing the fourteen (14) accused people.

On May 29, 2017, Major Mahama was lynched while on duty in Denkyira-Obuasi, Central Region.

The military officer was later shown to have been mistaken for a robber.

Following the incident, approximately 50 people were apprehended, 14 of them being screened for prosecution.

They are William Baah, Denkyira Obuasi’s then-Assemblyman, Bernard Asamoah alias Daddy, Kofi Nyame a.k.a. Abortion, Akwasi Boah, Kwame Tuffour, Joseph Appiah Kubi, Michael Anim, and Bismarck Donkor.
The remaining members are John Bosie, Akwasi Baah, Charles Kwaning, Emmanuel Badu, Bismarck Abanga, and Kwadwo Anima.

With the development of Covid-19 in 2019 and the 2020 Presidential Election Petition hearing, the trial was held for a year.

This was especially true because the trial judge, Her Ladyship Mariama Owusu, was also appointed to handle the election petition case.

On Monday, May 16, 2022, lawyers for the 14 accused persons revealed that they would be filing a no-case submission in the case.

The lawyers will convince the court that the prosecution has not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the 14 people now in custody are the ones who killed the army officer.

They will petition the court to drop the accusations against the 14 defendants based on this.

The High Court has so given the fourteen accused persons’ lawyers up to two weeks to file their submissions.

The parties will therefore return to court on Monday, May 30, for the Court to set aside time for the prosecution to respond to the no-case submission.


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