Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Following terrorist attacks in various border communities in Burkina Faso, at least 4,000 citizens of that country are seeking refuge in some areas of the Bawku West District of the Upper East Region.

After several homes in the farming settlements of Zoago, Bugri, and Zabre in Burkina Faso, including a police station, were attacked by terrorists thought to be jihadists and lives were lost, the evacuees fled to Ghana.

As a result, many individuals—particularly women and children—have been forced to flee their homes, while others have looked for refuge in other places, like Ghana.

Residents of the border settlements, such as Widnaba, Soogo, Sapeliga, Kansoogo, and Googo in the Bawku West District, as well as Bansi in Bawku, where the majority of the refugees are being housed, are experiencing anxiety and panic as a result of the situation.

In addition, it is straining their budgets and food supplies, and locals have expressed concern about impending food scarcity in the area in the absence of decisive action.

Although the Bawku District Security Council (DISEC) has increased security along Ghana’s border and in some of the host communities with the assistance of the Ghana Immigration Service, the Military, and the Ghana Police Service, the locals have complained that the numerous unapproved routes are a source of worry.

According to Mr. Elisha Afuugu Abilla, the Assemblyman for the Widnaba Electoral Area, where more than 1,773 migrants are being accommodated, the locals are living in fear as a result of the refugees’ presence.

The majority of the evacuees, according to him, were women and children who were being housed in homes by some members of the community while others were living in unfinished structures, shops, and stores nearby.

He urged increased border patrol vigilance, particularly along the several unauthorised routes in the region.

“Due to our bond, we share all we make with them because, while they were running, they were unable to separate anything from their kids.

The problem, however, is that we did not receive excellent returns as a result of inadequate rainfall and an elephant invasion during the farming season, and now we are spending money on the refugees that will eventually have an impact on us.

In an interview with the GNA, Mr. Issahaku Tahiru, the District Chief Executive for Bawku West, stated that more than 4,000 refugees have been officially registered in the district as a result of the recent attacks in Burkina Faso, but added that DISEC was keeping an eye on the situation.

He emphasized the increased security around Ghana’s borders and urged locals to maintain their composure and alert security services to any suspicious people or activities.

“At the DISEC level, it is our responsibility to make sure that our borders are adequately guarded, and that is being done flawlessly.
To safeguard our safety both internally and at the border, the military has taken over, the police have stepped up their surveillance, and immigration is busy registering and screening new arrivals, he said.

Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II, Paramount Chief of Kusaug Traditional Area, praised Zugraan for providing 104 bags of rice and four bags of corn for the refugees’ maintenance.

The DCE further outlined the Assembly’s efforts to assist the refugees.

Source: GNA


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