Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompted sanctions that have blocked restricted air travel, banking access and allegedly or subtly porn?

On Friday 25th February 2022, shortly after more international sanctions were pronounced to punish Russia for its malicious attack on Ukraine, a story started circulating on all social media platforms that the adult website Pornhub had also announced its own “sanctions” by blocking Russians from accessing its site but instead shown the Ukrainian flag. There is absolutely no evidence to these claims. 

The Fake Twitter Account

Image: Twitter Account which posted the fake news.

While we come across a few messages posted in the abrupt aftermath of Russia’s attack that joked about the potential impact of a Pornhub ban, the above-displayed imaged account appears to be the first to have spread this rumor as if it were a genuine news item. It’s odd, then, that this account included a standard symbol for Pornhub in its tweet.

Defusing the rumours

Furthermore, several Twitter users attempted to access Pornhub via a VPN, a Virtual Private Network that allows them to set their location to Russia, to test the claim. To crosscheck if this either true or false we also ask our adult readers to crosscheck. Samantha Cole, a reporter for Motherboard.

(Image: text in Russian language)

(Another twitter user’s post)

Russia’s Previous Ban of Porn

While Pornhub has not banned Russians from using the site, Russia once banned its own citizens from using Pornhub, though only for a short time. In 2016, Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media implemented new rules that prohibited citizens from having access to Pornhub and YouPorn, telling people to “try and meet someone in real life.” A few months later, Pornhub found a way to appease Russia’s media regulator and started asking users to connect via their VK accounts in order to verify that they are of legal age and status.  

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