Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

John Kumah, the Deputy Finance Minister, believes the Minority in Parliament is creating “unnecessary noise” over the government’s contribution of $25 million to the National Cathedral project.

The Deputy Finance Minister told Eyewitness News’ Point Blank segment that the ministry has nothing to hide.

He stated that the company is always prepared to deliver accounts on the National Cathedral project.

“If you file parliamentary questions, you should wait for the replies in Parliament rather than rushing to the press as he [Ablakwa] has done.”
He also mentions a scandal.
What’s the big deal about making legal payments?
We’ll be happy to answer any inquiries they might have.”

“I disagree with him that the seed money for the National Cathedral gift, which we provided and notified the people about, is shameful.
We witnessed a controversy when his government decided to pay Woyome millions of dollars despite the fact that they had no contract with the government.
“We have established our priority, which is the construction of a national cathedral that will serve as a national landmark,” he added.

The Deputy Finance Minister, on the other hand, was unable to provide specifics on how much money has been raised thus far for the project.

“Right now, I don’t have the figures.” But I want to reassure Ghanaians that this is completely legitimate. When the time comes for us to render accounts, we will.”

The Deputy Minister’s remarks came after the Minority in Parliament asked the Minister of Finance to disclose details on how much the state had spent on the National Cathedral Project.

Following the distribution of a letter confirming the allocation of an additional GH25 million from national coffers for the project as additional seed money, the Minority took action.

During this time, the government has stated that the national cathedral project will be mostly funded by Christian community donations.

The administration suggested the National Cathedral project in March 2017 as a tangible manifestation of national togetherness, harmony, and spirituality.



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