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A best friend is someone with whom you don’t have to fill in the blanks.
They are already aware of all the intimate facts of your life.
It’s like picking up a book and remembering where you left off,
Because all of the background information has already been saved, you may cut to the chase and get right to the meat of any discussion.

One of our most basic anxieties is being alone.
Whether your best friend is nearby or in another time zone, knowing she is there brings comfort.
It gives you the feeling of being connected rather than just drifting in space.
So, whenever you’re feeling lonely, whether physically or emotionally, pick up the phone and contact your best friend.
You’ll both feel better about it.

Good companions help us grow our self-esteem.
“Having someone in our lives who thinks we’re important — someone who wants our opinion on things and values our company — helps us feel wanted, which boosts self-esteem,” she says.

Best friends will also be completely honest with us.
They know you well and can tell you the truth.
So remember to appreciate your best friend the next time she looks you in the eyes, shakes her head, and suggests you reconsider a potentially foolish decision.
She has your best interests in mind.

When a close friend does something you disagree with, you are more inclined to confront them and communicate your feelings than if it is a stranger.
Going through this with a close friend prepares you for later times in life when you will have to face a difficult issue.
“You now have this skill in your bag of life abilities.”

Sharing experiences with a best friend is essential.
When we get locked in our own routines, it’s wonderful to hear what other people are up to.”
A close friend of mine who did not have children introduced me to new experiences “We may often live vicariously via our close friends and learn about things we would never have considered doing otherwise.


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